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Special Promotion for YWCA Outlet Only: Selected Services up to 30% OFF !!! (For First Time Customer only and Strictly By Appointment)

*For all services, we do not compromise on required attention and service. Don't compare us with seemingly cheap deals but of inferior product used & service


Hair Salon Services:

01. Keratin Treatment:

Good Harmless Keratin Hair Treatment

Alternative to Rebonding

Naturally repairs and tames fizzy, damaged and dry hair



* Formaldehyde & Parabens free

* No Harsh Chemical or any harmful components

from $240

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02. Perm & Rebonding

Promotion 1:

Digital Perm/ Soft Rebonding /Rebonding Promotion +Scalp Protection+Treatment+ Wash & Blow ( Loreal or Shiseido product)

from $200

*Customisation of styles is possible eg. Volume Rebonding,C or S curls or Korean Style Perm or Rebonding. To discuss with Hairstylist during hair consulation.

***Scroll down to see Rebonding Photo Gallery***


Promotion 2:

Organic Straightening Treatment No Ammonia , No Formaldehyde , No Hydrogen Peroxide & No Aggressive Substance, Organic Product derived from Plants(Phyto milk) Supreme Respect for the Hair Mild Straightening Treatment, Natural Look

Special Promotion from $240

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Promotion 3:

Korean Perm + Treatment + Wash + Blow from $168

**For dry and damage hair, opt for Organic Perm Lotion.

***Scroll down to see Perm Photo Gallery***


Promotion 4:

Mucota DYNA Argan Oil Treatment (Recommended for Dry, Frizzy and Chemically Processed Hair)

~*Don't confuse with Mucota Rebonding

~Gives volume waves / curls

Straight hair (Soft Rebond Effect) or Customised Magic Volume Rebonding

~Reduce frizzy hair / prevent hair breakage
~100 % Formaldehyde Free, Non Harsh
~Contains patented CMC for hair repair, shine and texture
~Graded as 'cosmetic' by Japan (non chemical)
~Suits thin, treated compromised hair or hair bleached < 3x
~Lasts 4-6 months


from $260


Promotion 5:

Perm +Wash +Blow

Choice of Style from Volume curls, Slight Body Perm to Root Perms

from $158


All Hair Services performed by Senior Hairstylists.

No Hard selling and Straight Forward Charges


To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we'll appreciate if you could call us in advance. For appointment, please call 6789 7729 (Please wait 3 to 5 seconds for ringing tone) or 9387 4424.