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Hair Spa / Korean Herbal Hair Treatment (Anti Hair Loss)

1.Hair Spa

Includes thorough scalp cleanse and detox + invigorating head/shoulder/neck massage. from $88

- choose between Korean Herbal Hair Treatment / Clarifying Mineral scalp treatment/Hot Oil Treatment/ Anti-allergy Treatment or Hydro Hair Mask Treatment or both (with nominal top up)

Experience therapeutic relaxation, relieve stress and inner rest with our Hair Spa Treatment. You will feel energised after a session of invigorating head, neck and shoulder massage. We use an inhouse blend of Ginger Astringent and essential oils. Coupled with our Korean Herbal Scalp treatment, you get well cleansed, healthier, nourished scalp, controlled hairfall and stimulation for new hair growth. Also get deep, uninterrupted sleep after our Hair Spa treatment. Ideal for sufferers of Insonmia.

~For Details Hair Spa Procedures, please scroll further down for details.


2.Hair Care & Add on & Package

01. Anti-Allergy Scalp Treatment

If you have sensitive scalp prone to scalp allergy, redness and itchiness after chemical treatments like color, perm or rebonding etc, this Anti-Allergy Treatment is for you! Experience relief and treatment from scalp allergy and a scalp detox with a soothing and calming massage and steam. from $68


02. Hot Oil Treatment

Explore ayurvedic approach towards better scalp health. An aromatherapy treatment that comes with special blends of essential oils, effective for various scalp types and hair concerns like hair loss, dandruff etc. It comes with a scalp detox and calming therapeutic massage.


03. Add on

~Top up Scalp Protection Ampoule before any chemical treatment +$10

~Top up Hydro Hair Mask for more manageable hair +$20-$30 (See immediate results: reconstruction of cuticles, get lustrous, tangle-free, smoother & soft hair ) ~Top up Head/ Shoulder Massage: $20 for 15 mins


04. Package or not?

If you like our therapeutic sessions and wish to enjoy a more attractive package, we offer programmes to suit your needs. Please consult our Therapist for more information.


Straight Forward Charges

No Hidden Costs


Hair Spa Procedure :


1. Spraying a generous amount of specially formulated Ginger Astringent to cleanse and induce blood circulation. Helps to detox and clear toxins & chemical build up in the hair, expel wind, remove oiliness & clear oil clogs in hair follicles. Coupled with soothing head massage at different acupoint points to relieve tension, unwind & distress from fatigue.


2. Apply Hydro Hair mask to deep condition and nourish dry and damaged hair ends. Gives assured and amazing texture, softness and lustre to hair.


3. Apply our 100% Natural Korean Herbal formulae on the scalp . 2nd round of massage to ensure even distribution of paste


4. Get ready for a good steaming session with Ozone Spa machine. Fine Micro mist helps to open up pores for absorption of herbal nutrients to the hair roots and follicles. Ozone function helps to neutralise chemical build up like Ammonia in hair and scalp- Purges your hair and scalp.


5. Wash and Blow


6. Apply Herbal Hair Spray on Problem Areas and Massage for better absorption into the roots.


7. Final Touch up * The entire session takes about 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on hair length.


A Real Difference!!!!


Right after the first therapy, you will feel the difference in terms of

- softer, smoother hair texture,

- rejuvenation of scalp

- less itchy / oily scalp symptoms

- 90% experience lesser hair fall right after the 1st spa therapy

- Grey / white hair will turn slightly copper in colour.


This is due to natural colors of the herbs which is chemical free and many of our regular customers have successfully delayed the growth of grey / white hair.


Our Herbal Hair Treatment Recipe


Our Korean Herbal Hair Treatment was specially formulated to control hair loss and address various scalp problems like dandruff, itchy scalp, oily scalp, hair thinning and pre-mature hair greying.


Our Korean Herbal Hair Treatment formula consist of a blend of natural herbs. Some active ingredients include Panax Ginseng, Polygnum multiflorum and many other rare herbs. As some of these are not available locally, we make special arrangement to import them from abroad.


To enhance the effectiveness of these herbals in the process of hair treatment, we take painstaking efforts to process and extract the essence of these herbs. Thereafter, they are prepared into smooth consistency for easy application onto the scalp. During the whole preparation process, we ensure standard procedures are adhered to and quality control is carried out. At every step of preparation, we have our customers in mind and we strive to bring the best product to them.


The wonders of Ginseng


Botanical Name: Panax ginseng


Ginseng is so well known in both the East and West that it has become the most widely used of all medicinal herbs. The koreans have employed it as a panacea for centuries. This is reflected in its botanical name, Panax from pan meaning all, and skos meaning remedy.


It was so highly prized in the Orient that not only did emperors monopolize the rights to harvest the roots, but wars were also fought over them. The word Ginseng is derived from Jin-chen or Schin-seng, meaning man root or like a man, after the peculiar human shape of the root. In commerce various grades exist depending on shape, age and colouor. Red Korean Ginseng is one of the most expensive and sought-after types.


Ginsenosides are a class compounds, found exclusively in the plant genus Panax (ginseng). Ginsenosides have been the target of research, as they are viewed as the active compounds behind the claims of ginseng's efficacy.


Effects of Ginseng on Hair:


Increased blood circulation around the head dermis which in turn provide hair roots with additional energy and thereby stimulate hair growth. Contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which helps to improve poor scalp conditions


The wonders of He Shou Wu


Botanical Name: Polygnum multiflorum


He Shou Wu has unique hair-restoring properties which is confirmed by many experts in the field of hair medicine. This herb can enhance hair rejuvenation, stimulated a noticeable growth of new scalp hair, promoted better-looking locks, and improved various scalp conditions, including dermatitis, itchiness, dandruff.


Another phenomenal medicinal action of He Shou Wu is in its ability to postpone or even completely reverse the greying of hair. Traditional Chinese medicine states that premature greying of hair is caused by a deficiency of Jing – the essence of life. When Jing becomes weak, and this usually happens as the person ages, his hair starts greying and thinning. Since He Shou Wu is a powerful oriental herb, it is able to not only restore the initial hair colour, but also reduce balding and slow down the entire process of aging.


In treating hair fall and greying hair, we use the essence of He Shou Wu together with other supporting herbs as "hair vitamins” to support and strengthen hair roots and follicles. It is capable of minimizing and even reversing male-pattern baldness, bolster the growth of thinning hair and restore the natural colour of greying hair. The herb is also known as a powerful remedy to cure brittle, dry, weak, or chemically-damaged hair.


The alleged effects of He Shou Wu hair remedies have been extensively studied and are presently recognized by modern science. This herb is known as one of the most effective and credible natural solutions to treat alopecia and premature greying of hair. Studies have also shown that He Shou Wu can hinder the production of DHT from the “male hormone” testosterone – the metabolic process that triggers massive hair fall and inevitable balding in many aging men and some aging women.


* Results vary from individual to individual. There is no gaurantee that customer will experience hair growth after using this formular as there may also be other factors affecting hair loss e.g. lifestyle, smoking, stress, medication etc, which is beyond our control.